Breakfast of Champions: 12/6


Jonathan Kaminsky has a tale of regret, a snowbank and keen police instincts . It's fitting that it's on The Blotter, since it's straight off the crime blotter.

Matt Snyders points us toward a NYT story on Al Franken. Apparently he (Franken) is serious. No word on whether the Grey Lady is, though.

Remember the expanded Hold Steady package? Yeah, that's still up. Check it out if you haven't yet.

Balls! has been percolating lately. Actually, that sounds painful. What I mean is, our sports blog has seen lots of posts recently, including talk of a pregnant woman swimming an icy Wisconsin River, Minneapolis-St. Paul's designation by Sports Illustrated as Hockeytown USA, Eric Refsland's meditation on Zygi Wilf's stumping for a stadium, Benjamin Polk on Gopher hoops' victory over North Dakota State and Jonathan Kaminsky's excoriation of an empty-effort T-wolves team.

Fun links after the jump.


A couple of hip-hop links today. First, the Wit and Wisdom of Lil Wayne: passionate and occasionally coherent, Lil Wayne has things to say about ... things.

On Singing: "Pain, that's all that is, pain, pain brings that out you." On Pain: "If you blame something else for your pain then you're an asshole. You are your pain, nigga. You can cut yourself right now. That don't hurt because you are your pain." (Tell it to Elliott Smith, Lil Wayne. Although that might fall under "that don't hurt because you're on horse.")

Before you think this interview is Emo Lil Wayne, though, check out Lil Wayne on who he wants to get high with:

"[Oscar de la Hoya], Tom from MySpace and Bill Gates, I just wanna smoke three blunts with them, just three, just three blunts, I bet you I'll come back high, whoo, them niggas are beast[s]."

Who among us can deny this? Certainly not Lil Wayne. Or Mark Cuban, who he pontificates about thusly: "He's a G for real ... Martin Luther King said we can do what the fuck we want, he do what the fuck he want, him and Bam Margera. What will Bam do next? Whatever the fuck they want...that's one of my favorite shows."

Does this mean I can look forward to a re-make of "Make it Rain," featuring Mark Cuban? If so, wrap it in a zig-zag and give it the BoC seal of approval.

Next, here is a graphical (not graphic like violence, graphical like flow charts) representation of various rap lyrics. Want to know how you can It Was a Good Day? Right here. Often thought about Biggie's seminal work on the linear relationship between money and problems? Science is dropped on these and other famous rap truisms.