Breakfast of Champions: 12/5

On the cover this week: Jeff Severns Guntzel's profile of The Hold Steady. Besides the piece itself, we have a host of web-only content, including a photo gallery with concert shots by Daniel Corrigan and tour photos from guitarist Tad Kubler; an audio slideshow set to the band's tune "Stuck Between Stations"; the top five YouTube clips featuring the band; a timeline; and an interactive map that shows you places throughout the Twin Cities referenced in Craig Finn's lyrics.

More web extras for print stories and exclusive content after the jump.

Expanded audio exists to supplement another story. Paul Demko has an update on Duy Ngo, the hero cop who was shot multiple times during an undercover operation gone bad. Hear Duy Ngo in his own words in these three excerpts from his interview with Demko. Ngo talks about [audio-1]; what the [audio-2]; and finally, he [audio-3] (MP3 downloads).

Jonathan Kaminsky has the story about alleged racial profiling at a local Guess? store that has four locals shopping mad. Yeah, I said it. Shopping mad. I'm not ashamed.

Then, at the blogs, there's something for everyone. Demko attends the Center for the American Experiment's oddly-timed entreaty to get tough with Iran. That's on the Blotter. At Culture To Go, Desiree Weber gives a positive, detailed and nuanced review of Modest Mouse at the Orpheum.

At Balls!, Benjamin Polk posts about the Gopher hoops team's win over North Dakota State. I have a brief whimsical post about the beginning of the snowmobile season -- which began too early for a pregnant woman that broke though ice and had to swim to shore.

BRAIN CANDY I need a moment of silence up in here. One of my favorite companions as a child has fallen. Literally.

With the recent tumultuous storms in the Pacific Northwest, the country's largest Sitka spruce, a 700-year-old giant, was sundered by high winds in my home state of Oregon. At least she went down naturally, and not so someone could build a Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Sic Transit Arbor. Godspeed.