Breakfast of Champions: 12/4


On the Blotter, star of print, stage and screen Matt Snyders has gone to the land of Rupert Murdoch, appearing on Fox News. The last minute of the video is the strongest, as Snyders makes a sagacious statement on the nature of commerce in society. Kind of.

New slideshow this morning from the weekend's No Coast Craft-o-Rama with photos by Rhena Tantisunthorn. I so want one of those cards in slide two, and one of those described in the caption to slide five.

It's been a celebrity-chef laden couple of weeks, and the Food Channel's Paula Deen was received a bit less warmly than Anthony Bourdain was. Bourdain played to a house so packed that even man-about-town Paul Demko couldn't get in; Deen, as Demko reports, was met at the Mall of America by labor activists protesting one of Deen's endorsements. Unfortunately, Snyders' time at MoA was finished before this happened.

Demko also has a Rudy Giuliani parody ad that may have you re-thinking your voting plans. I thought it was funny, too.


If these fashion advertisements from Ebony Magazine's 1970-1976 issues don't have you wishing for a time machine and a credit card, I have lived the last 15 years of my life backwards. Except you couldn't buy these with credit cards back then, so that would be unfortunate. Although with a time machine, you could ... ah hell, look at the pictures.

Who wants to play a game? Rails of War is a free flash game centered around battle trains. Outfit your war train, carry out various missions, and upgrade to better trains along the way. If I were Amtrak, I would deploy kiosks with this game inside all of my passenger cars.

From the world of sports: yes, the NFL is rigged. Or at least Monday Night Football was.

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