Breakfast of Champions: 12/3


Much new on the site from the wintery weekend.

Two new political posts from Paul Demko, including one concerning AFSCME's endorsement of State Sen. Terri Bonoff and former transportation commissioner Elwyn Tinklenberg. The other post examines a Washington Post analysis of which national House seats are likely to flip parties and applies the insights to a local race.

On Culture to Go, new recaps of two exciting but divergent shows. Jordan Selbo reviews the Stones Throw tandem of Madlib, Peanut Butter Wolf and friends at the Foundation Nightclub. Pat O'Brien has a review of Tegan & Sara at Pantages, featuring a photo slideshow with images by James Tran.

At Balls!, Eric Refsland does a true liveblog of the Vikings' key home tilt with the Lions -- posting live from the pressbox. I think it's safe to say he's happy with the results, and the guy whose seat he stole is probably glad not to have shown up.

The Gopher wrestlers aren't too happy Iowa State showed up at Williams Arena. The Cyclones upset the defending national champions, as Paul Demko blogs.

Not only am I glad that Jonathan Kaminsky has a new T-wolves post, I'm thrilled that Bruce Bowen did not elbow Jonathan in the face and then flop to the locker room floor, hoping to draw a call. And after Jonathan had the decency to give Bowen a chance to make fun of Mark Madsen, too.

Episode 9 of cPod is now available. If you didn't download it over the weekend, have a listen to segments including Matt Snyders taking about his Mall of America story.

Finally, enjoy the weather while listening to five songs about snow. More after the jump.


One of my favorite items I've seen on the Web in a long time (non-City Pages category) is this 19th century baseball document outlining guidelines for obscenity that is itself obscene. For some reason, the thought of a turn-of-the-century gentleman typing up that fifth paragraph in a furor -- or possibly with a rueful grin -- just warms the cockles of my cold, cold heart.

Turning to politics for a moment: Hey, have you ever wanted to kidnap a British person? Now you can! Dibs on Vicky Coren. Although I have always wanted to send one of the Gallagher brothers to Gitmo.

My progressive pals tell me Rudy is a corrupt mountebank, and worse, he's been endorsed by yoga-hater Pat Robertson. Sorry, folks: in the wake of this compelling video, I'm reconsidering this whole Giuliani candidacy. Anyone with such a keen concern for dog-walking can't be all bad. This entire video makes a convincing argument.