Breakfast of Champions: 12/28


We take you into the long weekend with a sprinkling of news, a dash of sports, and a metric ton of music.


The action starts at Culture to Go, where we have matters musical to discuss. In celebration of Auld Lang Syne, I invite you to check out Five Songs About The New Year, an eclectic mix organized around a unified theme. All the songs are fun, and some you might not expect.

Additionally, my top 10 albums of the year post is done, and is scheduled to go up at noon.

On the Blotter, Jonathan Kaminsky's latest offers an amusing "dumbest criminals" type story, and finishes with what many would consider to be words to live by.

I have a bit more uplifting news post, about Minneapolis reclaiming the top ranking among literate cities, with St. Paul making great strides to take over third.

Briefly, on the sports blog, I offer a post detailing Jeff Pearlman's repudiation of "real man" rhetoric. Every time I look at the title of the post (and consider its relation to Peter Warrick), the song "Word Association" by 7L + Esoteric runs through my head. It has a line about Applebee's, you see.

Oh, and word on the street is to expect a Top 10 Moments posts on the sports blog soon, too.


Previously, I mentioned that my favorite discs of 2007 would be going up later today. Until then, check out a few other lists ...

I really like this list by local poet and rapper El Guante, a guy who shares my antipathy for the notion that any list can really constitute The Best Of All Music Produced This Year. But it's still a fun read, and has some stuff I agree with along with some perspectives I don't share, which is the best type to read.

Having expressed my antipathy for the totalizing list, they sure are fun, aren't they? Here's The Current's lists, and Steve Seel's list made me sit back and say "hmm, you know, I really did like St. Vincent and John Vanderslice this year ..." No, they didn't make my final cut, but quality stuff nonetheless.

The Strib has a Top 21 local albums list, too.

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