Breakfast of Champions: 12/26

If you're just trudging back into work after the holiday -- I'm truly sorry. Would that you were reading us from home, in your footy pajamas. Whether you're comfortably starting the day in your breakfast nook or grumbling as you plop down into your chair at the historic Designers Guild Building wherever it is you happen to work, here's a summary of what you've missed. DAILY DISH: WHAT'S NEW AROUND THE SITE

From the issue itself, there's a new in-depth interview with Diablo Cody by Matthew Smith, along with some enhanced web content I'll post about in a second.

Rhena Tantisunthorn details the frightening rise in tuberculosis here in Minnesota. But don't worry, apparently kissing isn't as germtastic as we thought. As if you needed another reason to hook up this holiday season.

More disconcerting law enforcement news, as Jeff Severns Guntzel tells the story of a crime that left cops without the resources to pursue it vigorously.

Our Year in Review series continues with the Top Movies of 2K7, as selected by our esteemed critics.

The blogs were lively over the holiday. The Christmas Eve BoC included my gift wish list for City Pages editorial staff. Some of these have come to pass. Others, like the Ghost of Christmas Future, are yet to come. Also on the Blotter, Pawlenty's warm and fuzzy P.R. hit from the Strib.

The latest from Culture To Go: I identify 10 Songs About Christmas that you should hear if you haven't, and should hear again if you have. The most recent Over the Weekend highlights the Soul Asylum show and some wintry good times around town(s).

On Balls!: The Timberwolves won in stirring fashion and the Vikings ... lost? Isn't that a bit of role reversal? In other news, Sebastian Telfair's new low-bagging look catches some surprise rave reviews in the comments.

New slideshows: some shots from the Christmas Eve snows and more from the Soul Asylum concert at First Avenue.

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