Breakfast of Champions: 12/25 <--- It's Christmas!

... because today is Christmas, the online version of the paper will be going up tomorrow morning instead of this evening. I promise, as Janet Jackson once sang-whispered, it'll be worth the wait.

The feature is excellent -- as a hint, it covers someone whose name is a synonym for "devil" -- and includes a few web-only features, including pictures you can't find anywhere else. So there's that.

In other news, apparently those mythical individuals fighting the War on Christmas have failed once again, as the day is here. Enjoy presents, feasting and togetherness, and tomorrow you can all huddle around the warm glow of the monitor and read the issue together. As a family.

If you insist on hitting F5 incessantly to check the latest blog updates, well, I won't stop you, and in fact may want to have your babies all the more. As I hope you've come to expect, we've got fresh stuff today, with more coming in the afternoon.

The "Five Songs About ..." series on Culture to Go doubled in size for Christmas. You get 10, 10, 10 Christmas songs (and videos, where possible) for your holiday perusal. It went live at 12:01 this morning, coming down the series of tubes as if it were a chimney, and the post a present.

There's also a new Blotter post about the Strib giving Tim Pawlenty unfounded P.R. honey for the tame bear story. But if you want some Xmas links you aren't expecting, you'll check out what's after the jump.


From the days of my youth, here's one of my least fond memories. Growing up a big wrestling fan, I always preferred the more traditional mat-based shows (like Verne Gagne's AWA) to the "sportz entertainment" virus of Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Nevertheless, McMahon employed some excellent performers, such as Ted DiBiase and his "Million Dollar Man" gimmick (which devolved after Ted quit wrestling, but that's beside the point).

You had to figure that any storyline involving DiBiase was at least worth checking out, despite the penchant of the then-WWF for cartoonizing everything. You would be wrong. I give you: Xanta Claws, the Evil Wrestling Santa Claus.

Other hysterical wrestling-related Christmas debacles are available at Wrestlecrap, home of the Worst in Wrestling. Also, in case you didn't know this: the Ultimate Warrior is a deranged lunatic. Yes, even by minimal standards. He also fancies himself a philosopher, which may be a topic here in BoC soon.

In the biz, we call that "foreshadowing." Enjoy your Christmas, everybody.

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