Breakfast of Champions: 12/21


After today nestles gently into tonight, the days start getting longer again. And I for one cannot wait. Each extra minute is another breath of life, another extension of possibility. In honor of this, and because I am lazy, a few brief summations of the new content.

A new slideshow affords a look at 15 of 2007's top concerts.

Play with fire, get burned -- or get profiled by Ben Palosaari on Culture To Go.

Eyedea & Abilities played last night at the Triple Rock. Eyedea plays with Face Candy Saturday at Whiskey Junction. In the interim, we've got this interview.

Some call Jonathan Kaminsky the future of sportswriting. "Some" is my middle name. His latest Timberwolves blog is here.

Paul Demko plays Omaha 8 or Better. Paul Demko therefore knows math. The Shooter does not, as Demko points out. Demko also has the latest on the Ramstad retiremaybe. Turns out at least one DFLer is running no matter what.

I went on the radio. It was so much fun, it should be illegal. Fortunately, it's not, so I'm going again every Thursday.

We posted the Rock Atlas of the Twin Cities. The art is awesome. Some people told us we should have added the Fine Line , so we did.

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