Breakfast of Champions: 12/18


Wrapping up the aftermath of a big show-going weekend, we have a new photo slideshow from Wu-Tang Clan and review of Andrew Bird at the Cedar. But since those go along with material posted late Sunday night, let's try this once more, with feeling. Here's a one-stop guide for all the recent music posts:

Reviews: Andrew Bird, by Desiree Weber Wu-Tang Clan, by Nate Patrin (scroll down)

Slideshows: Andrew Bird, with photos by James Tran Wu-Tang Clan, with photos by Daniel Corrigan The Doomtree Blowout, with photos by Daniel Corrigan

They kept it interesting, but the Vikings won on Monday Night Football and Eric Refsland has a video-packed post following the contest.

Finally, I hear this comedian is running for Senate. And yet he is serious. Someone -- preferably someone from the Washington Post or Paul Demko -- explain it to me.


You know as the dominant debunking site on the Internet, assessing the truth value of urban legends. But consider its parallel value as a photo site.

When I say "value," I'm speaking in two respects. There's the obvious benefit of a one-stop aggregator for goofy and aberrant photographs circling around the Internet -- with the added bonus of finding out if they're real or not). In the animals section alone, you can find some of these gems:

It's tough to say which of the photos in the page about Hercules, the world's largest dog is my favorite, but I'm leaning toward the one with Authentic Hercules.

The puppy with a heart-pattern in its coat: amazingly, real. Not so amazingly, born in Japan. Kawaii! The photos of those cats shaven to resemble poodle-lions? Horrifyingly, real.

A subtler fascination for me, though, are the photos listed as having "multiple truth values." Mostly, these are real photos that are forwarded around the Web with made-up stories or false details attached. What inspires people to make up a story about an authentic photo, passing it off as truth?

Other notes: ligers are real. Tigons, too. Oh, and this is the scariest-looking dolphin I've ever seen.

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