Breakfast of Champions: 12/17


A huge music weekend, with indie darling Andrew Bird rolling in for three, count 'em, three shows, local hip-hop at the Doomtree Blowout, and the one and only Wu-Tang Clan (minus a few) kicking it at First Avenue. We have photo slideshows from each of these (here are links to Doomtree and Bird, with the Wu coming later) featuring shots by Daniel Corrigan and James Tran respectively. Nate Patrin offers a full review of the Wu-Tang show as well.

All of this is detailed in Over the Weekend, the second in an ongoing series of posts detailing what happened in art, culture and random events from Friday evening on.

Wondered about marijuana in Hennepin County? Who hasn't? Well, Matt Snyders has some answers for you in a long post about drug enforcement around the area.

Elsewhere, on Balls!, Kevin Hoffman wonders why the TV and radio feeds for the Vikings games come in a few seconds different. I wonder what caused Kevin to watch TV and listen to the radio at the same time.

Coming: a slideshow and review of the Wu-Tang Clan show at First Avenue last night.


Missing a foot? Maybe you left it in New Zealand. Go check, we'll wait.

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