Breakfast of Champions: 12/12


Matthew Smith's feature for our Winter Guide issue covers scintillating topics like polar exploration and climate change. It also includes the phrase "legions of aggressive polar bears." If that's not enough to get you to read it, I guess we're going to have to put Diablo Cody in it somewhere.

Actually, she's in there already. Honest. It's just all the way at the bottom. Seriously. Just keep scrolling.

News-wise, Matt Snyders profiles Willie Mobley, a top-notch prep football player whose Persian heritage has him keeping a watchful eye on geopolitics.

Winter Guide music: Jonathan Garrett covers Matador Records act Times New Viking. Not-available-in-print music: James Tran photographs the Lemonheads show from Monday at the Varsity Theater.

On the Blotter, Jonathan Kaminsky has two posts tracking another change at the Strib and a judge's musings about constitutional law and the sobriety test.

This Balls! post about statues of sports figures defecating is either the best thing I've ever done in my life or the worst. There is no middle ground. It's like doing a deep night scuba dive and not being able to tell which way is up without following the direction of your bubbles. I've lost my bearings here, people.

Also at Balls!, Paul Demko has soccer news of much interest to Liverpudlians. Yes, Liverpudlians, although you can also call them "Scousers." Demko's other blog post covers Sean Sherk, the local UFC champ stripped of his title belt but promised another crack at the championship. You can call him "Mr. Sherk."

At Culture To Go, Sarah Askari points us to a funny video about Beyonce.


We talk about global warming in this week's print issue. Last year I was living on a sub-tropical island. Palm trees, white sands, you name it. Sometimes, when the temperature drops low enough, I think about going back to the warm tropical climes.

With today's news that the summer sea ice in the Arctic could be gone within five years, I wonder if the mountain is going to come to Mohammed.

On a lighter note, if you watch Pixar animation films, you've probably seen the same characters over and over without realizing it. Why? Visual in-jokes.

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