Breakfast of Champions: 12/11

DAILY DISH: WHAT'S NEW AROUND THE SITE Music, music, music: My review of the Aimee Mann show at the Guthrie yesterday evening is up now. If you missed it, you missed out. Speaking of missing things, here's a link to my interview with supporting act Nellie McKay if you passed it by earlier in the week.

Coming later this morning: a slideshow from the Lemonheads at the Varsity Theater.

"Wow" count among the four people to whom I've shown this hockey video: three. I think that's a pretty good ratio.

BRAIN CANDY Cute alert: for the first time, the long-eared jerboa has been documented on film. The mammal looks a bit like a mouse, but with extraordinarily long ears, and it hops like a kangaroo. No, really. Watch the videos.

"And in terms of mammals, they have one of the biggest ear-to-body ratios out there," said Dr. Jonathan Baillie of the Zoological Society of London. Being that it's the BBC and all, I expected to hear a Prince Charles joke there.

In general, I support snow blower fights. Hell, I support organizing snow blower fighters into leagues and using the matches as intermission entertainment for pond hockey. If the person you're fighting with is over 70, though, and the person is a she, and you find yourself choking her ... it might be time to re-evaluate your priorities.

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