Breakfast of Champions: 12/10


Beginning today, we'll have a Monday morning post chronicling what you missed (or got out to, you scenester you) over the weekend. For the first in a series of weekend wrap-ups, we've got notes on three widely divergent items -- a play performed in Klingon, an African American church's benefit CD recording, and the Jonathan Coulton show. Be sure to scope out the slideshow and video from Kwanzaa Community Church's choir, and look here for audio from Commedia Beauregard's "Klingon Christmas Carol."

Jonathan Kaminsky has a post you shouldn't miss about Dr. William McGuire, the fallen health care mogul. In case you wonder why your co-payment is so high and your insurance doesn't cover what it used to, Kaminsky summarizes, and adds just the right amount of venom.

Hey, Par Ridder news junkies! It was a big weekend for you, culminating in the resignation of the Pi Press Strib ... journalist. Paul Demko looked into the Magic 8 Ball and foreshadowed it, then blogged the resignation as well.

I wonder if that non-compete deal prevents him from working for us. I'm hiring a web intern in the spring. Hmmm ...

Eric Refsland must be good luck. Since he started blogging Vikings games for us, the team's on a roll, and this week's win over the 49ers was so easy he even produced the worst three video moments in San Francisco football history. The T-Wolves' third win of the year also went down this weekend, as Jonathan Kaminsky blogs, so maybe Eric's luck spills over.


Okay, the housing market is tubed. But that's cool, I don't own a house. And the dollar is tanking. That's cool, I keep my considerable financial assets in rare action figures, hog futures and collectible velvet paintings. There's almost literally no economic news that could throw me ...

... wait, noooooooooooooooooooooo! It's like I'm a stockbroker in 1929. A stockbroker without any beer. Somebody talk me down off the ledge here. (The link is about rising hops prices and the resultant effects on beer)

This link is awash in language nerdery and centers around the word "fuck," so you know I'm all about it. Turns out there is a reasonable and interesting explanation for the most versatile word in English's appearance in so many Chinese signs.

Par Ridder oughtta go work for the Knicks. I know I'm thinking about it. Owner James Dolan has reportedly said he won't fire Isiah Thomas after all, which raises the question: just what does Thomas have to do?

[X] Run team into ground [X] Mortgage team's future [X] Become embroiled in multi-million dollar lawsuit [ ] Commit felony involving James Dolan or Dolan's family

No, that's not Isiah's to-do list. At least, not as far as you know.

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