Breakfast of Champions: 11/8


Ward Rubrecht exposes the weakness of Target's entertainment double standard at Blotter. The post is about the store's unwillingness to stock a graphic game while at the same time gleefully pushing violent, grisly films. Also, Ward frightens me by revealing that I am the average age of today's video gamer.

At Balls!, I posted something about an Avon woman killing an albino deer during the hunting opener last weekend. There will be a lot more outdoor content on this blog over the next year -- fishing, hiking, skinnyskiing, that sort of thing -- but I can honestly say I didn't think this would be the first outdoor post during my tenure.


The word for the day is: anteater. Coincidentally, it is also the pet of the day, at least for this woman.

Her clawed, long-tongued pal is in fact strikingly cute, as you can see from the photographs here. Pua, a Tamandua anteater, bears a resemblance to erstwhile television personality Alf, but without the cloying dialog or presumably the appetite for cats. If you check out her blog, though, you'll likely have the two thoughts I had: "Aww, that shot in the sink is adorab ... wow, look at those claws." They're used for tearing into anthills, naturally, but still.

This isn't the first anteater to be kept as pet. Witness this profile of "Teddy," which is worth perusing if only for the shot of him french-kissing a lamb. The story paints him as this ravenous terror of the ant kingdom, obsessed with slurping down their tiny carapaced bodies. Which is normal, I guess: the damn thing's not called a tiramisueater.

Although ... Pua is into desserts. Because I promised, here is the video of the anteater eating a creamsicle:

Now, if that creamsicle had been left to melt after an outdoor picnic, and was hence covered in ants, well, that anteater would be set.