Breakfast of Champions: 11/7


News-wise, Jeff Severns Guntzel delivers a fascinating look into the life of a cop who has seen all sides of some of the country's most pressing issues. The Blotter contains updates on the porn king, among other things, and readers are still reacting to Boy, Interrupted.

Check out Paul Demko's Blotter post for photos from election night gatherings. At Balls, Jonathan Kaminsky reports on Dwight Howard, Antoine Walker's physical condition and more.

Peter S. Scholtes' feature on The Owls is supplemented by three songs for download, a slideshow photo gallery and a bevy of Owls-related links in this Culture to Go post.

After you read Sarah Askari's review of two local bands, check out two songs from one of those bands, The Blind Shake, right here:

"Jolly Joe's" (2:58)

Download MP3

"Been Young" (1:29)

Download MP3


Facebook + Alcohol + Naivete = disaster.

That's right, I said pictures. In a debaclicious counterpoint to the Hamline Facebook story about racism, more than 150,000 young women have joined a Facebook group called "30 Reasons Girls Should Call It A Night." There, they post embarrassing tales and photos from after the Beer :30.

Note to every person who can access the Internet: the World Wide Web is not private. It's a hard lesson, but one worth learning.

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