Breakfast of Champions: 11/5

Happy Monday good people, and welcome back to the days of daily, morning updates. We have some exciting things planned -- more regular posts, more multimedia content, audio downloads of bands and enhanced coverage of community events -- that we think will enhance the material in our print paper as well as enabling us to cover more of what's going on in the local scene. These "Breakfast of Champions" posts will keep you up to speed on our blogs and news stories, what's been recently updated during the week, and what else is fun here on the Internet.


In case you missed any of our expanded coverage of Kevin Hoffman's "Boy, Interrupted" story about one man's struggle with anorexia and bulimia, all of our web extras -- an audio slideshow, photo gallery, and now video -- are aggregated in this post. Elsewhere on The Blotter, we find Matt Snyders pondering the strange case of a man, a BB gun, and a weighty potential prison sentence.

At Balls!, Ben Polk has a detailed review of the Timberwolves' game effort against a talented Denver Nuggets squad. Paul Demko has his finger on the pulse of the MLS playoff clash between the Chicago Fire and D.C. United. I have a post about the Vikings game and Adrian Peterson's record-setting performance.

My review of Stars' excellent show at The Pantages Theater from Saturday is up now at Culture To Go, and has three short sample MP3 files of the band's music.

Finally, don't miss Ward Rubrecht's fifth edition of cPod, now downloadable in convenient MP3 format.


Just in time for (next) Halloween comes the ultimate nerdy permutation: Gothimus Prime. Saving the world has never looked so dreary. I imagine this concept as the character from the classic cartoon being voiced by Morrissey.

There are a couple of solid entries at Wired's Geekiest Costume Contest, too, but none of them have the potential to transform or roll out. Gothimus -- for the win!

Take advantage of the recent clear autumn nights by seeing explosions in the sky. No, not the band -- a pyrotechnic comet that you can see with the naked eye. Before Comet 17P/Holmes ventured close to the sun, its honeycomb structure contained ice. But Ol' Sol turned that ice into gas, which expands in a flurry, creating ... well, check it out for yourself. The show should last for weeks, and can be enhanced with a telescope.

In other news: Origami. Barbarians. That is all.

Speaking of barbarians, if you're looking for a flash-based time-waster game, you could do worse than Swords and Sandals. Simple, bizarre, and undeniably addictive.