Breakfast of Champions: 11/30


Two new slideshows up from yesterday, one capturing the festivities at Hmong New Year and another which will become a recurring theme -- The Month in Photos, a review of images from some of our favorite stories, galleries and blog posts of the previous lunar cycle.

Also, a couple of new posts on the sports blog. I make a brief argument for Bert Blyleven's inclusion into the Hall of Fame (and link to a couple of sources that offer in-depth justifications). Kevin Hoffman alerts us to Vote 4 Boogey, a site backing Derek Boogaard for the NHL All-Star Game.


Speaking of hockey, check out this odd tale of art, NHL stars, and public nudity. Oil paintings of hockey players naked -- not taken from real photos, but imagined celebrity nudes.

"This idea of his is not an ephemeral idea, it's a serious idea of the way in which we respond to the naked body," said Zina Davis, director of the University of Hartford's Joseloff Gallery, which showed one of the Grant nudes in 2004. "What are the trigger points, and what are the things that move us from what our expectations are into another realm? It's a high-concept kind of thing."

High-concept hockey nudes. In related news, someone is sure to start "Suicide Centers," a high-concept website where you can see real hockey players naked while you read their blogs.

Pat Robertson thinks yoga is "spooky." I do yoga. I think Pat Robertson is spooky. And thus is balance restored to the universe.

On a serious note, a couple of stories. First, a new audit has found that St. Paul gives comparatively few contracts to minority-owned firms. Minnesota Public Radio has the story here.

Next, at the Minneapolis Critical Mass Arrestee Support blog, there is an update in legal status about the 19 people arrested on a Critical Mass ride a few months back. Charges have been dropped against 14 of them, but five are still in the system, facing up to a year in jail.

Trials are slated to begin next year. The group's next ride is tonight at 5 p.m.