Breakfast of Champions: 11/27

The print issue comes online this afternoon, and we have one or two more posts in the works today that are worth sticking around for as well. Until then:


The chilling tale of Duy Ngo has reached its latest chapter. Paul Demko reports on the Minneapolis City Council's record $4.5 million award to the police officer, who was shot multiple times with a sub-machine gun while doing undercover work.

At Culture to Go, read Jessica Armbruster's Q&A with chef Anthony Bourdain, who spoke at the Triple Rock last night. You'll find out what he thinks about celebrity chef culture and what one food he'd eat for the rest of his life if he could pick just one.


Today: inventions!

Ron Popeil has given the world so much. The pocket fisherman. Spray-on hair. Parodies of his work such as Gallagher's Sledge-o-Matic and the Weird Al Yankovic tune "Mr. Popeil." This link documents several of his contributions to American commerce, delivering unto you 11 Items Sold by Ron Popeil. After you've checked that out, scope Malcolm Gladwell's musings on Mr. Popeil for the New Yorker.

A specific invention that caught my eye: amidst the litany of amusing spam e-mails we get here at City Pages last week came news of the Fish 'n Flush. You've seen those words combined before, no doubt, but not quite in this way. The device is a combination aquarium and toilet.

This costs 300 bones? Seriously? Are the interspersed bubbling and flushing sounds coming from that website supposed to hypnotize me into forking over the credit card digits? For nearly the cost of a Nintendo Wii, you can ... oh, someone edit me, I can't do it.

Say this for the tackytacular toilet: When your fish dies, you don't have far to walk with his corpse.

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