Breakfast of Champions: 11/22 (Thanksgiving Edition!)


Culture To Go is the place to be lately. Sarah Askari reviews the M.I.A. show at First Avenue, and her coverage is supplemented with photos by Daniel Corrigan. Also on CTG, Paul Demko has an interesting Q&A with Michael Tisserand, an author whose most recent work is about picking up the pieces in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It's a timely piece, with Tisserand in town for a reading on Sunday.

Ward Rubrecht's eighth edition of cPod has music by Ed Ackerson, not-in-print anecdotes from Kaminsky and Jeff Severns Gunztel about their print stories (about gay marriage and intrigue in Harris, respectively) and a brief appearance by a Nobel laureate. Note: the Nobel laureate is not, as was rumored, Kevin Hoffman.

We continue to add the market's top free agent sports bloggers, welcoming Benjamin Polk into the fold to write about Gopher hoops. Benjamin has been teaming up on Timberwolves posts with Jonathan Kaminsky, and this takes him to the college side of the basketball beat.

Speaking of Kaminsky, he has a brief post about inept criminal conduct. In my experience it is always the second auto theft and joyride of the day that gets me in trouble. But as usual, I've said too much.


Keeping up with a rich City Pages tradition of Thanksgiving content, we have a couple of Turkey Day offerings for you.

From our site, don't miss my Five Songs About Thanksgiving post, nor Paul Demko's able addition in the comments. If you see anything I missed, feel free to add a comment as well.

From elsewhere on the web, and in conclusion, I give you the best turkey-related cartoon of all time. Possibly Berkeley Breathed's finest work that involved neither Opus nor Bill the Cat, this 1981 strip has stood the test of time. I may even link to this again at Christmas.

Enjoy the typtophan-induced haze, and we'll see you Friday.

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