Breakfast of Champions: 11/20


The Strib's Katherine Kersten -- strap in for this revelation, it's shocking -- writes a strident, poorly sourced and lazy column about the noose incident in a local college newsroom that shoehorns available facts into her bizarre agenda. Jonathan Kaminsky batters her logic with the two fists of journalistic integrity.

Rachel Paulose is out as U.S. Attorney for Minnesota. I have a quick post about that.

I was so excited about college football, too. But my rooting interest has cursed my alma mater,and now my friend's team, too. Absent a Gopher team with prospects, I'm thinking of becoming an "anti-fan," a paid jinx that is bankrolled to root for a team my clients actually want to lose. It's a win-win for me, and for the unscrupulous win-at-any-cost types who will take me up on it. In unrelated news, I just got a call from Bill Belichick.

In a couple of hours: a photo slideshow from the Ms. Gay 90s pageant! This afternoon: the print issue you've waited with bated breath for! Right now: the links.


In Eric Hoffer's book "The True Believer," he opines about the origins of mass movements, about how leaders in certain societies are venerated as infallible until they stumble, revealing weakness -- and at that point the mob turns on them. This is what I think of when I see the entertaining SF Weekly photo slideshow "The 20 Most Disappointing Moments in Simpsons History." For two decades, the show has brought us joy through subversive cleverness. But there have been lots of false steps in recent years, so it's pitchfork-and-torch territory. Now it's time to entertain ourselves by hating on The Simpsons.

See, it has to come full circle. "Oh, The Simpsons," we'll say, "that's cool." Mirroring my favorite line from the episode Homerpalooza, someone will ask us if we are being ironic. And we will respond, honestly, that we don't even know any more. This will serve as a commentary on the human condition, about how much-loved icons age and are brought low like a wounded gazelle by pillories from once faithful adherents.

But I digress. Quick, read about how freak dancing has split the small community of Argyle, Texas. Watch the video! Hear a local describe the dancing as "dadgum nasty!" (presumably with no hint of irony). Learn about how the director of "Footloose" is going to sue life for imitating art! Guess which, if any, of these sentences is a joke!

Finally today, I'm trying to think "warm" in advance of winter. If you are, too -- and you enjoy beautiful photos of subtropical ecosystems -- you'll want to check out the Okinawa Digital Archive, which catalogs pictures and information about a place I used to live, one of the richest and most diverse environmental spots in the world. The photo gallery is searchable by region. Personally, I recommend the beaches.