Breakfast of Champions: 11/19


On Culture to Go, a new review and slideshow gallery from Sharon Jones' Friday performance at First Avenue are up. The review is by Geoff Cannon and the photos are by Daniel Corrigan.

It's an especially content-filled cPod this week, as Ward Rubrecht brings you sounds from local spoken word artists, talks to Paul Demko and Rhena Tantisunthorn about their features for this week's paper, and Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl about a restaurant you won't see reviewed in our dead-tree edition anytime soon.

Sports-wise, the Vikings tried their best, but ultimately the Raiders just wanted this loss more. Eric Refsland reports, and supplies a sound file you've gotta hear.

Jonathan Kaminsky has anecdotes and analysis from recent Timberwolves efforts that have me wondering just what type of watch Antoine Walker was wearing. Uneducated guess: a Breitling for Bentley with ice on the bezel.


Know who really owns the world? No, it's not bankers. It's bugs. There are more species of insect than all other animal species put together, and scientists still haven't identified more than a fraction of them. If all of them were as magnificent as the photos in the next link, though, we'd have no shortage of entomologists. Check out these charismatic microfauna.

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