Breakfast of Champions: 11/16


A bevy of blog posts in the last 24 hours or so await you on the site.

Rhena Tantisunthorn alerts us to a volunteer opportunity. Better yet, it's an opportunity that may involve watching the Vikings' Bryant McKinnie throw a turkey. But the Vikings don't need someone who can throw a turkey -- they need someone who can throw a football. If he can pitch that bird 15 yards or more, I say make him play quarterback.

Paul Demko went to see David Beckham play, and links to an audio report. You will be shocked to learn that there was beer drinking and sung taunts at the game. It is, after all, soccer. Jonathan Kaminksy enjoys the Wolves' inaugural win of the year, and passes that joy on to you.

Jeff Severns Guntzel sees Block E rollin'. He hatin'. And so are other observers of twin cities architecture, by omission or otherwise.

Update: A new slideshow of the Minnesota Roller Girls, with shots by Rhena Tantisunthorn, is up now.

cPod should be up later today.


Friday's links have a theme, and that theme is dissatisfaction. The primary entry concerns a lifelong customer of Jimmy Dean's sausages who is upset over their decision to downsize from 16 oz. to 12 oz, yet continue to charge the same price. This is an audio file of his complaint.

Please believe me when I say it is worth listening to all the way through.

From the other end of the food chain is this tale of woe involving a man running from the police. The story takes place in Florida. They have alligators in Florida. This is bad news for our would-be escapee, who ends up as a taste treat for some walking handbag.

Finally, what is more unsatisfying than a bad toy? Some of these aren't "bad" ... just "different." But still.