Breakfast of Champions: 11/15

Daily Dish: What's New Around the Site

Yesterday's flurry of stories and blog posts are still fresh. Brand new so far today: Jonathan Kaminsky updates you on the story of a noose being hung at the Minneapolis Community and Technical College newsaper office.

At Culture to Go, I have a post that's not so much a recommendation as an alert. It's about Theatre de la Jeune Lune's performance of "Deception," a show I've not see but have heard excellent word of mouth for. Especially read the post if you're younger than 25 years of age.

Later this afternoon, another photo slideshow or two from events around the cities. BRAIN CANDY

Today: a triumvirate of rap links.

When the whole kerfluffle with this fellow known as "Dog the Bounty Hunter," broke, America had only one question: "What would Oakland rapper Too $hort, author of 'The Freaky Tales,' have to say about these shenanigans?" Thanks to the magic of the web, now we know.

Pontificating about another subject entirely comes The Rappin' Mathematician. He educates the youth thusly (MP3). While I admit that had I listened to this growing up I might have been better with multiplication tables, let's just say I don't expect him to battle-rap KRS-One over rights to the name "The Teacher."

Growing up on the West Coast, Sir Mixalot was huge even far before we knew of any baby having back. Winter is coming, and I've got to get me a hat like the one worn by Kid Sensation in Mix's video for what was his iconic song before that track you may have heard, the one about the big butts. It's called Posse on Broadway. This was campy even then, right? Of course it was, but Mixalways had a canny sense of humor.

The clip is kind of slow until 2:00 in, at which point every 10 seconds contains something memorable. Stick with it until the end.

Where to begin? Kid Sensation stripping from waist up but leaving his fur chapeau on. Larry The White Guy, the real estate investor. The synchronized nods. The fact that every verse is interpreted literally, including the skeezer kissing the $20 bill. My favorite part may well be legendary DJ Nasty Nes' haircut, though. He seems to be having a helluva time with this video, too; I bet even his cameo on Eazy E's first record wasn't this much fun.