Breakfast of Champions: 11/14


From the Print Issue: Originally from Burma, the Karen of St. Paul fled human rights abuses at the hands of the Burmese government and are now the largest population of Karen outside of Southeast Asia. In "Final Refuge," Rhena Tantisunthorn takes you inside their world. Read the story and view our two photo galleries, one from Burma and one from St. Paul. After reading the story and looking at the photos, check out our web-exclusive audio in the bottom of this blog post.

Elsewhere in the issue, Paul Demko writes about a grifter who has bilked local families for tens of thousands by promising to deliver dream houses and skipping out. We also have a web-exclusive slideshow of The Owls' CD release show with photos by Nick Vlcek.

Taking the blog list bottom up, we have tons of new material.

Balls!: To scare any evil spirits from Adrian Peterson's knee, I chose to distract them by chronicling the Top 10 Worst ACL Injuries on Video. It worked. You're welcome. Don't watch the videos before lunch. Shortly thereafter, I explained why trading for Craig Monroe is like lighting the Dome on fire for the Twins.

Culture to Go: Paul Demko muses on Forever, the latest offering from filmmaker Heddy Honigmann. The "often remarkably moving piece," he writes, focuses on the Pere-Lachaise cemetery and can be seen for a few more days at Oak Street Cinema.

Ward Rubrecht went to the Northstar Storytelling League's event at Java Jack's, and brought back a report and sense of awe to go along with three excellent audio recordings from the featured tellers. You can't download the sense of awe, but you can access everything else.

Blotter: Drop a few posts down to where Jeff Severns Guntzel has a foreboding warning about the Minneapolis Police Department's budget. Not only are current financial projections dire, but when you look back at what past projections have said, it's sobering. He also highlights a story about someone who wanted to tip the cops off to a rape, but instead got voicemail.


With all that we've got goin' on here, why would you go anywhere else on the Internet? I mean, seriously. If you want to read scurrilous gossip about Mike Ditka making out in a public place with a 20-something, well, I wouldn't blame you. But just that.

Guess the Levitra's working, eh, Mike?

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