Breakfast of Champions: 11/13

DAILY DISH: WHAT'S NEW ON THE SITE Culture to Go has been rolling lately, and that continues. Since yesterday morning we have a couple of interesting offerings: Jordan Selbo's review of the Hip Hop Live! show at First Avenue and a slideshow of the event with photos by Daniel Corrigan is one. Corrigan also supplies the photos for Rick Mason's review of the Neil Young show.

The audio slideshow from Sunday's "I Couldn't Live at Home" spoken word event didn't get up until late yesterday afternoon, so here's another chance to check it out.

In the first of a series of Hot Stove league baseball posts at Balls!, I explain why the Twins should go after Jose Lopez. It's a seemingly minor move, but it makes sense for both teams, and the Twins have to start their offseason somewhere.


Today is Brain Candy ... the Good Taste edition. The Bad Taste edition is coming tomorrow. And you think I'm kidding.

First, good taste in fashion. A musician friend of mine found this jacket on a music retailer website. This is Big Pimpin', Matthew Lesko style. Nothing says fashion forward like green velvet paisley.

Interior decor: if only the green shag cozy on that toilet matched the velvet jacket, I'd pull the trigger on both at once. With bonus fashion content!

Finally, home improvement. From the rural Pacific Northwest comes the tale of an intrepid man who had trouble removing a lugnut from a bolt. Deez Lugnutz, quoth he, I have just the tool for this job! A shotgun.

Yes, a shotgun. And yes, he got peppered like he was in Dick Cheney's hunting party. Moral of the story: buy the green velvet jacket instead. That nut will be so frightened, it will scamper away.