Breakfast of Champions: 1/9


Lots. Some from the print issue, a bunch that's web-only.

To coincide with Matt Snyders' on-site feature reporting from the Iowa caucuses, we decided to reinvent the Elephants in the Room blog. It's a spot for staff to post items about national politics leading up to the Republican National Convention, which we'll hit especially hard as its arrival approaches.

We started with a half-day communal liveblog last night, featuring Mike Huckabee's alleged hatred of Latino babies, Ron Carey's local endorsement of Huck, what type of animals would endorse which Republican candidate, and more. The flurry of activity isn't going to be standard, of course, but we'll have updates throughout the week and then a frenzy when a big political event takes place.

My favorite posts from last night other than those named above:

* What do you think your candidate of choice said about their favorite TV show?

* A couple of fun Mike Huckabee images

* Ron Paul, logic, and constituencies

There are more than two dozen New Hampshire primary-related posts, so check out Elephants in the Room for more, and expect that blog to grow in importance as the convention nears.

Elsewhere: The 20th anniversary of the "Out There" performance art series at the Walker begins today and runs through Feb. 2. There's a veritable smorgasbord of forward-thinking offerings here, and our new slideshow offers the best -- and oddest -- from this year and years past.

The only thing more fun than a liveblog or a slideshow full of performance artists: A scrap between prominent foodies. Thanks, Jeff Severns Guntzel. Actually, RockStar Storytellers might be just as much fun, especially with MP3s.

From national Village Voice Media, we deliver the Best National True Crime Stories of 2007.

And that's what's new. Enjoy the issue, and we'll be back with more tomorrow.

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