Breakfast of Champions: 1/8

First, the declaration.

Starting tonight, we're ratcheting up political coverage. It's a long run to the Republican National Convention, but the slide down bullshit hill has already begun, and events are picking up speed and stench alike. To keep track, expect more frequent posts on these topics as we reinvent the long-dormant Elephants in the Room blog -- and that starts with a communal liveblog tonight.

CP staffers are going to watch election results from New Hampshire, dishing out snark and hope, optimism and analysis. (We drew straws: I get to be "hope." I lucked out, since one of us has to be "chastity.") Join us, won't you? Your comments will be welcomed, either in real time or the morning after.

Now, to the summations.


Shorter version of this post: I like alternative energies such as solar, especially when they're applied locally in ways that are sustainable and appropriate. We should do more of this.

Shorter version of this post: Katherine Kersten is pushing out-and-out disinformation in her whitewash wrap of the Rachel Paulose story.

Shorter version of this post: ... it's almost impossible to truncate. But the photo is cool.

Shorter version of this post: Roger Clemens is full of shit, but I'm glad he did this goofy ad 20 years ago. BRAIN CANDY

In keeping with the brevity theme of this post, I'll just say: I want one of these.

More verbosity is required to cover this, however. I'm not sure which paragraph of this story about a man who plans to tattoo his entire head so it resembles Tom Brady's Patriots helmet is the saddest/funniest part. I'll take votes on the top three candidates:

A) "Thompson isn't shy about the fact that he got the idea to turn his head into a helmet while serving time in prison where he watched all of their games in past seasons."

B) "If they do win the "big one," Thompson has aspirations of getting the Vince Lombardi Trophy tattooed across the top of his head to cap the living shrine he is creating."

C) "Thompson has never actually attended a Patriots game, but said he has always wanted to."

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