Breakfast of Champions: 1/7

Back in the place to be after a week in the south, I'm at least one of the following: tanned, rested, ready. A good thing, too, since the next few weeks promise some big surprises.


Jonathan Kaminsky alerts us to a crime of xenophobia committed on a local bus. Apart from being appalled by the violence and ignorance, I'm a bit flummoxed that the perps got busted because they went back on the same bus the next day, and again ran into the victim. Not the most forward-thinking bunch.

Once again the mortgage crisis has made year-end top story lists, and I take the opportunity to revisit some warnings from 2005.

At Culture to Go, our Over the Weekend series advances with a Christmas celebration (the Russian Orthodox church observes the holiday today) and a show by venerable punk impresarios The Mofos and The Hostages. Observe slideshows of both the show and the services.

Also at CTG, artist Kevin Cannon explains the process by which he created the Rock Atlas.

Balls!-wise, the hits just keep on coming for the T-Wolves. You think you know everything you need to from the title of Jonathan Kaminsky's post ("Several Kinds of Ugly"), and then you read to the end and get some Soren Kierkegaard moments from Marko Jaric.


You know the Twin Cities are among the nation's most literate. You read this blog, so you're considered (by me, at least) to be among the literati. How about mimicking this tattoo? Anyone? I'm not even a tattoo guy, and I think that has dignity.

More committed to impermanence than tattoos will allow? Me, too. Then perhaps you'd be better suited by temporary tats for the livre-minded. Or, even better, this shirt, which fuses book lust with appreciation for Thomas Dolby. Buy it here.

On a totally different and more serious note, let me just say this. When I graduated from college, I wore a McGovern '72 pin on my cap and responded to all quizzical looks with the words "Now more than ever." George McGovern's new op-ed in the Washington Post explains why I feel good about that decision.

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