Breakfast of Champions: 1/4


I tubed a statistic pretty bad yesterday because, for all the research I've done into blood alcohol levels, the vast majority hasn't been rigorous numbers-based research. See why my face is redder than an alcoholic's nose in the comments. Half, half of a percent, whichever.

Sports, sports, sports. Jonathan Kaminsky's latest on the Timberwolves includes a poignant anecdote concerning Marko Jaric. I kind of want to give Emo Marko a hug.

For Gopher basketball fans who want a fresh perspective on national college hoops, I have rendered unto you a recommendation: Jonah Keri's new column at Deadspin.


We're all about Deadspin today, since the site has made a habit of tracking the sleazy antics of ESPN stars. You may have heard the narrative of Chris "Boomer" Berman and "You're With Me, Leather." This pales in comparison next to (alleged) horrible behavior of Sean "L'il Sean" Salisbury and the hilarity that is Scott Van Pelt's voice mail. Taking the cake in terms of anti-social behavior -- not first documented by Deadspin -- might well be Mike Tirico.

Another reason to choose City Pages over ESPN: None of our sportswriters have ever been accused of sexual harassment.

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