Breakfast of Champions: 1/31



No one supports binge drinking, except of course me. But Rep. Morrie Lanning and the Strib trying to curb drink specials in bars adds to some already arcane and goofy liquor laws.

Paul Demko dug into this issue in the past, and as it turns out, the liquor lobby's power has a good deal to do with why I can't buy a bottle of wine in the grocery store. But I want to cook with it -- honest.

A new Violence Policy Center study is passed along by Jeff Severns Guntzel, and the results are sobering. (See what I did there? Sobering?)

Kevin Hoffman's post on Latino support for John McCain evolved into an interesting comment discussion about why that is, and what the implications for future elections are.


Ah, true love: when a Minnesota National Guardsman went to Iraq, he gave his wife power of attorney. Now, he alleges that she spent all his active duty pay on her boyfriend her in the states, drove him deep into debt, and served him with divorce papers almost immediately on his return.

What we call "bail" here in the U.S., the rest of world calls "outlawed." The practice of charging for release from prison is basically unique to America. This is an interesting article about the ethics and consequences of having a for-profit wing of the judicial system. The unanswered question: who would have sponsored the Bad News Bears if not Chico's Bail Bonds?

Awesome: sharks. Awesomer: sharks hunting seals. Awesomest: pictures of airborne sharks successfully hunting seals.

Unless you happen to be a seal, in which case: not so awesome.

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