Breakfast of Champions: 1/3



Ben Polk has a thoughtful post about the role of commerce in college athletics and how that applies to the Gophers. Plus, he corrects a previous misstatement: Courtney James hit his girlfriend with a phone book, not a phone. I think I speak for Ben, City Pages, and the whole of right-thinking people everywhere when I say that it's not OK to hit your girlfriend with either.

One of the most important stories of 2007 was St. Thomas University barring Archbishop Desmond Tutu from speaking. MinnPost and the activists involved with the issue agree. BRAIN CANDY

Have you seen the video of the RAF airman who guides fighter planes while dancing? I did, and was amused. I also had two other thoughts: 1. Holy crap, is that the Roger Rabbit?; 2. That guy is 28? In the shorts, he looks like my friend's 60-year-old father.

Representing for my home county comes a young woman who has set a record any parent can be proud of. Found passed out in her car while parked, 30-year-old Meagan Harper registered a .55 on the breathalyzer. That's right, more than half of her bloodstream one half of one percent of her bloodstream was filled with booze. This is, according to The Smoking Gun, a record number for women (although a guy once blew an unfathomable .69). Lucky to be alive, she was booked into the Clackamas County jail, less than 20 minutes from the place I grew up.

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