Breakfast of Champions: 1/29

Tuesday is the feistiest of all days of the week. It all starts with the name. The name comes from the Old English term Tiwes dæg, which refers to the Nordic god Tyr, deity of war.

So it's fitting that the Republican candidates are scrapping with each other while preparing for the first of two successive throwdowns. We'll be following the Florida primary live on Elephants in the Room as the road to the brokered convention continues.

With the whole "god of war" connection and all, I guess I should have posted Philosopher or Warrior on a Tuesday. But then a lot of people would say that every day has been Tyr's Day for the past five years.


In advance of the all-important Florida primary tonight, Matt Smith levied his predictions for which Republican candidates will drop out of the race in what order. Shockingly, followers of one candidate took the opportunity to spam the blog within minutes of the post's publication. If Google alerts were keyed to Pig Latin, the candidate's name would be Onray Aulpay. He's like Beetlejuice, except you only have to say his name once.

Newspapers hate Rudy Giuliani! And he hates them back! Because you know who reads newspapers? Liberals! He wants you to know this so badly, he took out a new ad to tell you that no newspaper is endorsing him in advance of the Florida primary. I get the feeling no newspaper is going to endorse him after the primary, either, because he will go down in flames like a tax-fattened hyena.

As is custom a few days before the month ends, we recap The Month in Photos.

Quinton Skinner took his son to TwinsFest and mused about the business of sport while reporting on the sights and sounds. This is one of the first signs of spring, and before you know it, pitchers and catchers will be reporting.

Three Questions finds Ben Palosaari interviewing Gregory Maguire, who reinvents fairy tales to different narrative effect.

Feel the foodie love for our new critics Rachel Hutton and James Norton. This time it's coming from Andrew Zimmern.

Is the housing economy as bad as you think it is? No, it's worse. The graph from this post gives you an idea why.

Blotter is pretty close to a wildlife blog these days. Between Bam Bam the Monkey, the new orangutan baby, and now sharks eating other sharks, it's like Trials of Life out there. Just wait until I talk the zoo into letting me swim with their new pair of dolphins.

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