Breakfast of Champions: 1/28



As always, a wrap-up of what you might have missed from Friday-Sunday can be found in Over the Weekend. Bored with words? Who isn't? Then turn to our four (count 'em) new slideshows from the weekend's events:

* Winter Carnival images featuring the Ha Family's Chinese New Year Performance (James Tran) * Golf on top of frozen White Bear Lake (Tony Nelson) * Pro wrestling photos from Anarchy Rules at First Avenue (Daniel Corrigan) * Dosh and Mystery Palace at Triple Rock (Tony Nelson)

Check out Over the Weekend for Web intern Andy Mannix's recap of the Chinese New Year celebration at U of M.

Paul Demko updates Slaughterhouse Rules, his story about union organizing at a meat processing plant.

Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer wins a straw poll.

You're a Timberwolves fan. You want to be excited by the win over the Suns. We don't blame you. But Benjamin Polk relates why it's a bit sad as well.


Salacious details make this a fun read, but mostly the story of the Detroit mayor's affair brings to mind one of the serious maxims I unequivocally endorse: don't cheat. It never ends well.

And you thought the Polar Bear Plunge was hardcore? Check out this tantric master who immersed himself in ice for more than an hour. Someone needs to talk Sting into doing this.

If there's a Hell, Suharto's there now.

This is the first take of "Weird Al" Yankovic and Donny Osmond doing an alternate version of the "White and Nerdy" video. Believe me when I say that I am glad I watched this.

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