Breakfast of Champions: 1/25


Welcome aboard Rachel Hutton and James Norton, our new additions to the cuisine team. They'll be supplemented by offerings from Bridgette Reinsmoen, our copy chief and contributor to our soon-to-be dedicated food blog.

Ever wondered what a Dan Deacon show looks like? If you didn't catch him at First Ave. last night, check out Jeff Severns Guntzel's post with video.

Not news: Republican political operative does something vile. News: Republican political operative with odd tattoo and alternative sexual proclivities starts organization (fronted by man named "Noodles") for the sole purpose of calling Hillary Clinton the worst slur possible related to the female anatomy. This is a weird tale, folks.

Ah, machine politics. Paul Demko has the latest about a political slush fund involving Rep. John Kline.

Sure, decades of literature shows that Ron Paul -- at a minimum -- surrounds himself with the worst kind of racist troglodytes. That doesn't mean he can't rock and/or roll with his boy Lenny Kravitz. Hey, the conservative musician schtick worked for Huckabee, right?

Holy crap, the Wolves beat the Suns! And Benjamin Polk is there to glory in it.


I admit it: I have a weakness for watches. It's one of my only concessions to vanity and consumption. Also, I love odd things. This is one reason the hardest to read Tokyoflash watches appeal to me. I mean, look at those things! They are masterpieces of oddness.

The Dugong Show will go on for at least some time longer. Okinawa has one of the most biodiverse marine ecosystems in the world, and one of the coolest critters offshore is the critically endangered and culturally significant Okinawa dugong. There are less than 50 remaining, and they all live around a coral reef -- in an area where the U.S. plans to build a military base. Yesterday, though a federal judge issued an injunction that will stop construction for at least 90 days. (This is one of the issues I'm writing about in a yet-to-be-published book. Get some background on it here.)

There are a lot of web extras to go along with Jeff Severns Guntzel's feature about photographer Alec Soth. One that we're happy with is the audio slideshow, which shows Soth talking about his work as the work scrolls by.

This piece got me thinking, perhaps I ought publish a list of the audio slideshows we've published in the last three months that you might have missed. Each one is different -- some are set to music, others to interview sounds. All are, in my opinion, worth your time. Here are our soundslides about:

* The Mall of America, which tracks Matt Snyders' week living in the monument to capitalism

* The Hold Steady, part of our package about the Minnesota-rooted band

* Boy, Interrupted, which went along with our story about a man suffering an eating disorder

* Retrorama, which documented the History Museum's fun foray in 1950s pulp culture

* I Couldn't Live at Home, about local spoken word artists tackling the tough topic of being forced from one's home

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