Breakfast of Champions: 1/24


Philosopher or Warrior is the second-best thing I've ever done with my life, and I can die happy now. In fact, I probably should, because it's all downhill from here. While I bide time, take the quiz and see if you can pick which statement comes from the life of Martin Heidegger and which from pro wrestler The Ultimate Warrior. I have to find more opportunities to use vibrating animations of wrestlers.

More zany monkey fun from Ward Rubrecht, as we collectively decide what name fits the fuzzy orange fellow who has newly arrived at the Como Zoo. Shades of Mr. Splashy Pants the whale, I wish Como would let us actually pick a fun name.

(What this site needs is another monkey post. If they hadn't taken down this ad, we'd have had one, too.)

Is Diablo Cody going to win an Oscar? Signs point to maybe, says Matt Smith.

You know, people hate Rudy Giuliani. And I wrote this post even before polls started showing him with a shot to finish fourth in Florida, the one state where he's been campaigning hard.

The housing market sucks no matter where you are. But it sucks harder in certain neighborhoods, and this post examines where those are.

I'll be on 107.1 FM at 2 p.m. today doing my regular "what to do over the weekend" spiel, and maybe an extra segment or two.


Here's this week's summation of the most popular stories, slideshows and posts of the preceding seven days. As you might expect, it's dominated by Real Life Superheroes.

Scroll through the rest of last week's greatest hits, and maybe you'll find something you missed. C'mon, all your friends are doing it. You'll look really cool.

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