Breakfast of Champions: 1/22


True crime has never been my thing, although it's very popular with readers nationwide. Whether that's the case with you or not, I'm betting you'll find this story riveting. Jeff Severns Guntzel gathers up a decades-old mystery and brings it to you, with links.

Intriguing comments are popping up on the site, too, from staff and readers. Here's the first example, updating you on our Rock Atlas.

Your friend and mine Peter Scholtes showed up to talk about his role in the decision-making process. If you're interested in who got in and why, that's a good place to go for a behind-the-scenes look. Pete also made some great contributions to the Five Songs About Martin Luther King thread, as I would expect. Come back for all the music threads, you newly engaged cat, you.

Meta-note: The "Five Songs About" threads are meant to be like this, interactive. I love picking songs, but the themes aren't meant to be exclusive, and it's not meant to imply that these are the best five songs about a given topic. They're starting points for discussion, and if you have a tune to share, please do so.

The comments are also hopping in the Ron Paul thread Matt Snyders posted. Highlights: Snyders gets called the agent of a smear campaign! I get called a fascist, and am accused of being on the payroll of the anti-Paul forces! Me and Snyders engage in point, counterpoint! We have several early candidates for "Comment of the Year (Non-Superheroes Division)". Hoffman pops in to issue a belated disclaimer.

Meta-note: We love the fact that the blogs are getting more comments. We love disagreements, too, even when pointed. Our words aren't the last words, and we love it when you chime in via Letters to the Editor or the blog comments.

Religious voter alert: Jeff Severns Guntzel reports that Bush's pastor is endorsing Barack Obama. Bush is said to not be taking it personally, although Dick Cheney is suddenly planning another Texas hunting trip.

Meta-Note: This kid looks really freaked out by Bush.

Rooting for a brokered convention? Time breaks down how it could happen.


Single? Bummin'? Have a laugh about it, and view some math that might make you feel better in this comic.

Does your boss like coffee? Do you like Boggle? Well, when he or she is out for coffee, you can play Boggle for free online 24/7.

My friends have this daughter who is adorable. Her two favorite things in the world are Hello Kitty and Star Wars. I have just sent the parents this link with a note affixed that says: "Never, ever show her this unless you are prepared for the eventual consequences."

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