Breakfast of Champions: 1/2


If I were still in Japan, I would be observing a national holiday. Same with New Zealand. In the U.S., however, Jan. 2 is just like any other day: Call it Get-Back-To-Work Day.

This means there's not much new around the site, although I do have a few Blotter posts up on winter bike commuting and various 2007 awards bestowed on fair Minneapolis (and you can always check out material from the new print issue, including Artists of the Year parts one and two.

Since I'm a sucker for an underdog story, though, I felt it necessary to take up the cause of ol' Jan. 2.


Oh, second day of the year, what are your happenings? Let us isolate a few highlights. Wikipedia's list of daily events, which draws heavily on the BBC and the NYT, is broad but not so deep. You get a lot of one-line descriptions without much depth.

The Library of Congress goes a little further, and has a cool "This Day in History" entry about Frederick Douglass delivering an oration at the dedication of the Haitian Pavilion at the World's Columbian Exposition in 1893. This interested me, but probably won't interest you if you're not into Douglass or Haiti.

A few items that jumped out at me about today:

* The Industrial Workers of the World formed (go Wobblies!). * Brigham Young got busted for bigamy (25 wives at that point -- he also got popped Oct. 2) * Isaac Asimov was born (and so was baseball player Edgar Martinez, who -- sincerely -- has a better Hall of Fame case than you'd think).

In honor of Asimov's birthday, here's a comprehensive set of Asimov resources. In honor of Edgar, I may do a Balls post later about why he has a better case for Cooperstown than some of the other names you commonly hear (for example, Jack Morris).

For our neighbors to the north, there's a cool "On This Day in Canada" site here.

Here's to you, second day of the year. Though you may always be less heralded than your precursor, may you be more productive.

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