Breakfast of Champions: 1/18


'Twas Mike Huckabee Thursday at Elephants in the Room. I said Huck You to the former Arkansas governor over his comments equating homosexuality with bestiality. Paul Demko linked to interesting WSJ piece on Huckabee, excerpting a bit that highlights the inexperience of his Michigan campaign staff. But isn't that just like the Bush Administration sending ill-prepared Heritage Foundation interns to rebuild Iraq? And didn't that turn out well?

From Republican politicians nationally to our own local Democratic Senate race: Jonathan Kaminsky posts the latest video advertisements from the Ciresi and Franken campaigns. Franken's have 67 percent more St. Louis Park! Ciresi's have 42 percent less hair! Kaminsky's post has 56 percent more snark! Mmmm, delicious snark.

Ben Palosaari likes pie. Do you like pie? The Rock likes pie, if it is as fresh as that reference is stale.

I totally want to adopt Bam Bam the Monkey. I am serious. Do you think he'd get along with my dogs? More importantly, does he fling his own poo -- and can he do so on command, with accuracy?

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