Breakfast of Champions: 1/17


After Ward Rubrecht's feature hit the site yesterday (and the streets today), I'm pleased to report that several real life superheroes have shown up in the comments of our expanded web content post. Check out their thoughts on our story, the photos, and other topics pertaining to heroic matters.

Death rap came to Station 4 Monday evening in the form of a large man called Necro. Read Jordan Selbo's review and, if you don't mind seeing some R-rated photographs, check out Tony Nelson's photos.

The series of photos from No. 4 to No. 8 shows you what would happen if Courteney Cox's part of the "Dancing in the Dark" video had been shot in Hell.

Radio show today: I'm doing my regular weekly appearance on 107.1 FM today at 2 p.m., discussing weekend ideas. I'll post my list after the show's over, or you can always listen live from their site.

Want to see a YouTube video which features two clean-cut young men singing "Huck!" to the tune of "Help!"? Of course you do. It's an endorsement of Mike Huckabee, natch.

Paul Demko has actual news about the campaign, with Buck Humphrey tapped to be Hillary Clinton's point man in Minnesota.


On Thursdays, I've started identifying the five most-clicked-upon stories, slideshows and blog posts of the last seven days. If you want a more real-time tally, you can use this widget, but it only tracks stories. These were the most-loved links from Jan. 9-Jan.15:

TOP FIVE STORIES Cookbooks of the Year Foodie Fight Running With Diablo Wizard of Odds The Efron Scandal TOP FIVE SLIDESHOWS Polar Bear Plunge Diablo Cody Real Life Superheroes Walker's Out There 20 Russian Orthodox Xmas

TOP FIVE BLOG POSTS Polar Bear Plunge New Hampshire Primary: Rigged? Seahawks kicker and hot pants National True Crime A Team Worse than Death

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