Breakfast of Champions: 1/16

With a robust amount of new stories, photos and blog entries around the site, I'm just going to get to the link round-up.


This week's feature on real life superheroes comes with an entire ensemble of photographs, an interactive map and much more. The entire package, including videos and external links, is here.

Paul Demko's latest news piece covers a beef-processing plant that, local organizers say, is using convict labor as a tool for union-busting.

On the blogs, a host of us carried out a liveblog of the Republican primary in Michigan at Elephants in the Room. It was a surprisingly uneventful night -- Romney took command early -- but we still banged out more than 10 posts on the topic. Beefiest of these is Kevin Hoffman's "Colbert Bump" post, which features some memorable video clips.

Jessica Armbruster blogs on Culture to Go about's new awards program for local musicians.

On Blotter, Paul Demko plots Norm Coleman's course as he runs away from George W. Bush. Elsewhere, on Balls!, he tips us to the upcoming African Cup soccer tourney.

Kevin Hoffman alerts us to the latest findings about the 35W bridge collapse.


"Brain Candy" is rarely so literal as this, where some people created a candy sculpture of the Battle of Pelennor Fields from Lord of the Rings. Amazingly intricate, the sweet-packed piece of art has tiny scenes within -- including the battering ram, the death of the Nazgul King, and more.

The photos are mind-boggling, and the video a metaphorical cherry on top.

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