Breakfast of Champions: 1/14


The theme for my weekend: Lunacy. First, I did the Polar Bear Plunge as part of local law enforcement's benefit for Special Olympics. The post has video, and if you've ever wanted to see frozen Ghostbusters, head over to the photo slideshow. I thought of having heated pants available, but that would make me too much like Seahawks kicker Josh Brown.

Continuing on the oddity theme, I checked out Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People, who opened the Walker's 20th Anniversary "Out There" performance art series. The review is up in our Over the Weekend post, and there's a slideshow of the greatest performances from this year and years past. This is my favorite picture from the collection, but they're all worth seeing.

Jessica Armbruster has the final answer for you undecided voters, and it involves CosmoGirl! Take the political quiz and see what happens.

Jessica's is one of several new posts at Elephants in the Room,. The new episode of cPod was posted at EIR this week, for reasons too complex to explain. Either that, or I don't know why. But it's available for your listening pleasure.

Don't worry, Northwestern students: you're getting a good education, even if the Gophers are better at basketball. Plus, you have Benjamin Polk writing about you, which is a privilege in and of itself. BRAIN CANDY

I want to go to space just so I can take a pic like this. Best self-portrait ever.

The first rule about Baby Orangutan: you do not talk to Baby Orangutan.

Parthenogenesis, shark style: a white tipped reef shark in Hungary has given birth without ever having encountered a male of her species. This is thought to be extremely rare in more complex animals like birds, reptiles and sharks.

I haven't decided whether the No Pants on Max event in my hometown of Portland, Ore. is likely to help or hinder us getting more light rail funding out here. Thoughts?

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