Breakfast of Champions: 1/10


Three new posts on Elephants in the Room reflect much of the new content for the day. To begin, though, check out Benjamin Polk's latest Timberwolves missive.

Straight Outta St. Paul: Matt Snyders has a one-liner about NWA, which gives me license to not only link to it, but showcase this amazing NWA interview from the LA Weekly 20 years ago. Start reading it; you'll want to read the whole thing.

Snyders also has a meatier post about Wyoming, the Poland of American states (hint: it's being forgotten).

Strap in, warns Paul Demko, the Republican nomination process is going to be a long ride. A ride that culminates in the nomination of ... Jeb Bush, he hopes. That would be a bigger surreal shock than the last episode of Dallas. That's a little foreshadowing for tomorrow.


I'm going to run this up the flagpole and see who sticks their tongue to it. People regularly check our "Most Popular Articles" link (which is right below the main bar). Today I'm going to let you in on a little trade secret and show the top five most popular articles, blog posts and slideshows from the past week (Jan. 2-Jan.8). If enough people are interested in this, maybe we'll make it a regular Thursday or Friday item on the blog.

So, for this week, those stories were:

TOP FIVE STORIES Artists of the Year Barefoot and Pregnant Diablo Cody Best Dishes Music A-list: Gospel Gossip et. al.

TOP FIVE SLIDESHOWS Diablo Cody Solid Gold New Years Conor Oberst Russian Orthodox Christmas Mighty MoFos (DJ ESP was right up there, too)

TOP FIVE BLOG POSTS Top 10 Albums of the Year Racially Motivated Beat-Down on the Bus Rock Atlas Over the Weekend: Oberst, DJ ESP, Day in Pompeii The Mendacity of Katherine Kersten

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