#bragMPLS: Top 10 tweets

A few months ago, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges declared this week "The Best Week of Bragging about Minneapolis Ever." The idea, of course, was to get people talking about all the cool things our city has to be proud of -- not that Minneapolitans don't do that all the time anyway.

In any event, what better place to brag than Twitter, where hashtags and a 140-character limit mean you can find all the best #bragMPLS zingers in one convenient place! Below the jump are the 10 most entertaining tweets we've seen on the topic this week.

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Bonus entries: some funny ones came our way after yours truly took Twin Cities Twitter to task for not realizing its full potential with the #bragMPLS bit:
-- Jim Hammerand (@mspbjHammer) July 17, 2014 And with regard to that crazy SuperAmerica brawl: Now on to the top 10:

10. Some were about the weather, of course: 9. 8. But it isn't always so unpleasant outside in the City of Lakes: 7. Others were neighborhood specific: 6. (For the top five, click to page two.) 

5. Some gave our Twittersphere itself props: 4. Or addressed current events: 3. Some pined for the good ol' days: 2. 1. But our personal favorite dealt with a development dinosaur: Send your story tips to the author, Aaron Rupar. Follow him on Twitter @atrupar.