Bradley Schnickel, former MPD cop accused of sex with minors, working as mall security guard

Schnickel is accused of using social media and aliases to solicit sex from nearly 20 girls.
Schnickel is accused of using social media and aliases to solicit sex from nearly 20 girls.

Former Minneapolis cop Bradley Schnickel is awaiting his trial for a handful of felony charges connected with alleged criminal sexual conduct involving minors and preteens. In one instance, Schnickel allegedly got a 14-year-old girl he met on Facebook drunk before having sex with her. The 32-year-old Schnickel lied about his age and told the girl he was 22.

THE BACKSTORY: Mpls cop Schnickel arrested on suspicion of criminal sexual conduct involving pre-teen girl

As you'd expect, Schnickel quickly lost his job with the MPD after charges were filed against him last February. But you might be surprised to learn he's working as a mall and apartment building security guard in Minneapolis while awaiting trial.

Who hired him? None other than Basim Sabri, the controversial south Minneapolis developer real estate tycoon we profiled in 2007.

The Pioneer Press, citing a conversation with Sabri, reports that Schnickel was hired three months ago to work as a security supervisor for the Karmel Mall (characterized as "The Mall of Somalia" by us in this 2004 feature), the Karmel Village apartment building, and other Sabri-owned properties.

"I am very familiar with the charges against him and I am watching him like a hawk," Sabri told the PiPress. "I also believe that people ought to get a second chance... He knows specifically his limitations and he also knows he cannot violate them."

According to the PiPress, Schnickel has already landed himself in hot water at Karmel Village for allegedly pushing a boy out of an apartment and then entering the unit while a 14-year-girl was inside by herself earlier this month.

This week, Anoka County prosecutor Paul Young asked a judge to bar Schnickel from working for Sabri, as it puts him in a position to violate the terms of his bail by having unsupervised contact with juvenile females.

"Who would ever think you are going to run into kids at those two places?" Young said sarcastically after the hearing, according to the PiPress. The judge has yet to rule on the matter.

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