Bradlee Dean's street team members smacked by irate, bag-toting woman [VIDEO]

Dean's minions received a less than friendly welcome at a Florida gas station earlier this month.
Dean's minions received a less than friendly welcome at a Florida gas station earlier this month.

Bradlee Dean and his You Can Run But You Cannot Hide "ministry" landed in hot water last summer for conducting shady fundraising at an Iowa Hy-Vee store.

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A year later, members of Dean's troupe are hanging out at gas stations in Florida, again trying to raise funds so Bradlee can disseminate his message of antipathy for homosexuals, Muslims, and liberals. And at least one woman is very unhappy to see them there.

The woman -- a self-proclaimed teacher of the U.S. Constitution -- started arguing with two members of Dean's street team about whether the document actually contains a passage stipulating the separation of church and state. But she lost her cool when one of Dean's underlings allegedly tried to take a photo of her, then went after him with her purse when she exited the gas station and saw Dean's associates standing near her car.

Here's the footage:

A WND report about the incident contains the following colorful quote from Dean himself, who's apparently undeterred despite the myriad troubles his ministry has encountered in Iowa and Florida.

"As I travel this awesome God-given nation, I come up with the same conclusion every event I am part of," Bradlee said. "The majority of Americans share the conservative Judeo-Christian values I fight for. We can win this culture war when we fight together. It is leadership we are lacking in our cause, someone willing to risk reputation to set the precedent that our silent majority is waiting to join."

Bradlee Dean: winning the culture war one ditch-side speech at a time.

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