Bradlee Dean: Michele Bachmann smells like rancid cheese


Things are not looking good for Michele Bachmann's presidential campaign these days.

Earlier this month, her entire New Hampshire staff jumped ship. Recent polls show she's slipped into a distant fourth place in the race for the nomination.

And now, even Bradlee Dean has turned against her.

On his radio show last week, the hard-rock minister explained why a certain female presidential candidate's "shameful" and stinky behavior has gotten him "jacked" up lately. And not in a good way.

Dean's criticism of Bachmann is a surprising development. Though Dean says he doesn't know her very well personally, the two have long been allies. Just last month, the New York Times published a story on the relationship between Bachmann and Dean, and he had only nice things to say about her.

"There is no question Michele Bachmann is an evangelical Christian and believes in the same values we do," he told the Times.

So what gives?

From the sound of things, Dean has been turned off with Bachmann's media strategy to only hear the questions she wants to answer.

From the show:

Dean: I was listening to a radio show, and she was asked a question, and she would not answer the question. And it's like okay, so you're such a great, upstanding, upright citizen that you can't even answer the question that was just asked you. She was asked two different times. She kept going to the left. She would not answer the question. And the next thing you know, she started talking about her presidential campaign and what she was gonna do and jobs this and jobs that and jobs this and jobs that. That's not what he asked you, lady, just answer the question.

Jake McCaulay: I think you just gave it away who that lady is.

Dean: Oh, I don't really care. It's an issue of character here, isn't it? It's an issue of integrity here, right? To her everlasting shame, she didn't want to answer the question and I thought it was rather, what do I say, shameful. I thought it was shameful conduct that she couldn't answer the question because if she's doing that now, what would she do if she got into the White House? It jacked me up. it did.

It's like the guy that walks around with an open container of cheese -- you know, those little string cheese deals -- in his pocket. Everybody's trying to figure out, well where's that smell coming from? You stink, you stink. And everybody knows who stinks. They're just trying to figure out why that individual stinks. Well go look. See, but that individual's walking around with their nose up in the air, like they're all that and a bag of chips, and she doesn't realize that everybody's lookin' at her like, 'Lady you stink.'

McCaulay: The stink is around you.

Dean: It's like the dirty hippy syndrome, but we're not gonna go there.

That's right, folks. Michele Bachmann's campaign has now been compared to rancid cheese and patchouli.

H/T: Dump Bachmann.

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