Bradlee Dean lied to Walmart about his church, is now banned from parking lot

Bradlee Dean, kicked out of Walmart.

Bradlee Dean, kicked out of Walmart.

It's been a rough week for Bradlee Dean. On Friday the gay-baiting minister was universally denounced by just about every state lawmaker who could get near a microphone.

Now it turns out that not only is Dean permanently unwelcome in the state legislature -- he's also banned from the Walmart parking lot.


Dean's You Can Run But You Can't Hide youth ministry was sighted yesterday hosting a fund-raising booth outside the Hutchinson Walmart.

We checked in with Walmart headquarters to ask if they knew they were playing host to a guy who says gay folks should be thrown in jail and has praised religious extremists who execute suspected homosexuals.

Walmart spokeswoman Ashley Hardie said Walmart didn't know -- because the ministry lied to them.

"They registered their request to solicit outside the store using a false name," Hardie said. "As soon as we learned the group's true identity, they were asked to leave."

And just as Kurt Zellers promised "That type of person will never, ever be allowed on this House floor again," Hardie said the ministry's hateful message has earned them a permanent ban from operating on Walmart property.

"Due to their actions towards our customers, we will no longer allow them to solicit outside our stores," Hardie said.

Banned from the big box.

Banned from the big box.

Will the Walmart ban be a setback for Dean? In his ministry's tax filings, Dean claims that his "street teams" raised $446,126 last year, working six days a week. Some have wondered whether operations like the one in Hutchinson yesterday can possibly be pulling in $1,400 a day.

Either way, they won't be doing it at Walmart anymore. There is one place Dean is still welcome, though: the State Fair.

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