Bradlee Dean, homophobic preacher, gives creepy opening prayer at Legislature [VIDEO]

There's something fitting about this: On the day that the Minnesota Legislature is likely to vote forward a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, the Republican leadership invited the most notoriously bigoted preacher in the state to give the session's opening prayer.

Yep. On this dark and stormy day, the GOP couldn't resist twisting the knife, inviting Bradlee Dean, the hard-rock hate-jock youth minister, radio personality, and violent homophobe to talk to legislators about what God wants from them.

Bradley Dean at the legislature
Bradley Dean at the legislature

Dean is the guy who argues that homosexuality is actually a federal crime, blames gays for the holocaust, claims the average homosexual molests 117 people, and praises extremist Muslims for executing gays.

Needless to say, his opening prayer wasn't exactly for everybody.

Dean took the opportunity to tell a parable about a company that turned away from the principles of its founder, just like America has turned it's back on God.

"We all know the problems didn't come into our country 1776," Dean said. "They came when we wandered from the founder of the company and tried running it our own way."

Closing out his prayer, Dean acknowledged that he was supposed to be giving a non-denominational prayer:

"It's not about the Baptists, it's not about the Catholics alone or the Lutherans or the Wesleyans or the Presbyterians, evangelicals or any other denomination, but rather the head of the denomination, and his name is Jesus, as every president up until 2008 has acknowledged."

Not to put too fine a point on it, but he means every president right up to the idolatrous heathen, Barack Hussein Obama.

Not everyone liked Dean's prayer. After some hubbub, DFL legislators made house speaker Kurt Zellers start the session again with a less incendiary prayer by a different chaplain. The do-over can be seen here, around minute 18:30.

Here's Dean's prayer (transcript below):

When I arrived at the capitol today I noticed all the writings upon the inside of the walls. In the Supreme Court chambers you have Moses awaiting the Ten Commandments - God's Divine Law. You have George Washington quotes, Thomas Jefferson quotes, speaking of unalienable rights given unto us by our Creator. And when I looked at that, I thought, What an awesome building, and those in this chamber are very privileged to be here, and I am honored to be here as well. And if I can give a small preface to my prayer so my prayer has meaning: I remember when I was a young man, I had a friend who founded a company in Fridley, Minnesota. This man built this company from the ground up as he blueprinted everything in great detail. He put his sweat, tears, everything into it to establish the company. Nobody understood what sacrifice he put into his company except them that helped him along. The company grew in such a proportion that he could now sell the company and he did. On the sale of his company the buyers agreed to keep him on to run the company for them, and in the process the company sold. And when it was sold, the buyers went against the contract and fired the founder. How foolish could they be? They thought once they had control of the company they could run it their own way and still prosper, and they failed miserably.

It sounds much like America today. America has the longest standing Constitution in the history of the world. And might I remind all of us here we have one Constitution, so let us come together and unite ourselves under its directives. Because we all know the problems didn't come into our country in 1776, they came when we wandered from the founder of the company and tried running it our own way. So let us pray.

Father God, I just thank you Father, for what you have bestowed upon us, and through the sacrifice of our brothers and our sisters, Father God, to ratify the Constitution of the United States, Father God, the fight, the bloodshed, and the sacrifice from World War 1 to World War 2, to Korea, Father, to Korea and Iwo Jima, and Vietnam and Father God Iraq, and Afghanistan. And I think about their sacrifice when I go, Father God, to Arlington Cemetery, and I think, That's the reason that I fight, that's the reason that I stand, that's the reason I encourage my brothers to do the same thing. They died so we could have the freedoms that we have today. And they ratified that constitution, and sacrificed their all for it.

And I end with this: I know this is a non-denominational prayer in this Chamber and it's not about the Baptists and it's not about the Catholics alone or the Lutherans or the Wesleyans. Or the Presbyterians, the Evangelicals, or any other denomination, but rather the head of the denomination and His name is Jesus. As every President up until 2008 has acknowledged. And we pray it. In Jesus' name.

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