Bradlee Dean foresees armed insurrection if Obama is reelected: "America deserves what it gets" [AUDIO]

Dean thinks Obama is going to take away everyone's guns if he's reelected.
Dean thinks Obama is going to take away everyone's guns if he's reelected.

Bradlee Dean thinks President Obama is coming for your guns. And he's worried about the possibility of a Soviet-style, Obama administration-led mass execution of unarmed Americans after our firearms are taken away.

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Given his well-documented history of crazy, it seems strange to say this, but the country's foremost tracksuit-wearing homophobe preacher might be losing his mind.

Here's a transcript of a would-be-comical-if-it-wasn't-somewhat-chilling exchange Dean had with a caller during his radio show yesterday, followed by the raw audio (Thanks to longtime Dean watcher Ken Avidor for passing this along).

Caller: We've talked about this before - that it is not our job as citizens to go in and take up arms against the government unless they come in and illegally shoot us up. But, that is not going to happen because first of all as soon as there is martial law land-wide, the United States-wide you know darn good and well that they are gonna wanna come to get all the guns they can get.

Bradlee Dean: Well, they are already working on it [unintelligible].

Caller: When they do that, what are we fight with - rocks?

Bradlee Dean: No, here's the deal; if Obama is re-elected, let me just say it this way - America deserves what it gets.

Caller: Amen, brother.

In the words of Ken Avidor: "Bradlee Dean doesn't stop there. He says he proposes a 'platform' and goes on to quote Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin saying he took away Soviet citizens guns before he 'killed millions and millions' of them."

Back to the transcript.

Bradlee Dean: What happens to a nation that doesn't [willingly give up guns to the government]? Well, we're about to find that out aren't we?

Caller: Yes, we are brother.

Bradlee Dean: Amen

Caller: Do you have guns?

Bradlee Dean: Hey, listen...

Jake 'homosexual lifestyle literally kills gays' Macaulay: I'm an American, baby! [laughter]

Dean: Yes I am. That's exactly right, brother from a different mother.

Dean thinks the Obama administration is taking away guns? Folks in Aurora, Milwaukee, and right here in Minneapolis would beg to differ.

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