Bradlee Dean delighted by softball coverage in New York Times


In the past, conservative pastor Bradlee Dean has been an outspoken critic of the media.

Dean (real name Bradley Dean Smith) is even suing MSNBC host Rachel Maddow and Minnesota Independent writer Andy Birkey for their coverage, accusing the two reporters of defaming him by taking an excerpt from his radio show out of context.

But Dean is apparently ecstatic about a September profile of him in the New York Times, which for some reason ran in the Style section.

Bradlee Dean will apparently not be suing the New York Times.
Bradlee Dean will apparently not be suing the New York Times.

Given the amount of controversy Dean has stirred up in Minnesota, we thought the article was a little soft, which might explain why Dean and crew liked it so much. It mostly focused on Dean's ties to Michele Bachmann, and how both parties benefit from being linked to one another in the public eye.

Dean's ministry sent out a press release drawing attention to the article today. The release, titled, "Opening minds, one song at a time, one school at a time," talks up Dean and his influence on today's troubled youth, pegging his importance the Times article.

Here's an excerpt:

Kids today have un-American, unconstitutional and illegal agendas thrown at them 24/7: international baccalaureate, evolution, homosexuality, drug programs, a disdain for our forefathers, and most importantly, they have not been educated on the price of freedom.

Bradlee Dean is bigger than life with a potent and timely message - HOPE and personal responsibility. Undoing the revisionist history taught in the public education system has long been an uphill battle, but he remains undeterred and he has no problem strutting the line between church and state.

Dean cohort Jake MacAulay also talked up the Times article on the duo's radio show last week.

"Though I've never been a big fan of [the New York  Times]," MacAulay said, "I was very impressed with the article."

MacAulay calls the article "fantastic," and a breath of fresh air from the coverage Dean and the ministry usually receive.

"Often times when you get written in the paper, especially if you're a moral person -- or a Christian, for that matter -- that's moral, and stands up for moral issues, moral law, moral justice in America, you might as well go to the butcher shop and let them do what they will," he says. "But in this particular instance, I have to give a huge high-five and kudos for Mr. Serge Kolvaleski , who is a reporter for none other than the New York Times."

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